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Pacific Northwest Indigenous Art Products

Handmade Oaxaca weavings of artisan blankets, throws, pillows and tapestries using 'Namgis native designs.

We are delighted to introduce our inaugural product line, which showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of Oaxacan artisans. We take immense pride in presenting a collection of meticulously handwoven items, including blankets, throws, cushion covers, and tapestries. These pieces are infused with the rich heritage of 'Namgis native designs, celebrating the intricate patterns and cultural significance they embody.

4-Coppers Throw in Red or Blue
In the Kwakwaka'wakw culture, the Copper holds significant importance. It serves as a symbol of both rank and wealth among our Chiefs, and plays a central role in our potlatch ceremonies. Further, the number four holds deep sacred significance within our culture, embodying a profound spiritual meaning that resonates through various aspects of our traditions and beliefs.

Raven Pillow in Red, Blue, Black or Grey  
The West-Coast Indigenous Raven design on this pillow  is originally from the late, renowned artist Marcus Alfred, who gave the drawing to his uncle Bruce Alfred. Royalties from the sale of this design go to his children.

Sun Wall Hanging  

This tapestry was our first design on Arnulfo's loom. T'lisala is the name for this sun, it is our ancestor and the crest of the Alfred family. The complexity of the design makes it laborious to produce on the loom. It uses all hand-dyed fabric.

*Dyed with completely natural methods:

  • Blue - Hand dyed with Indigo

  • Red - Hand dyed with Cochineal

  • Black - Hand dyed with Zapote Negro (which tasted a lot like a plum)

  • Grey - Made from two different sheep wools. No dye!

The power of collaboration - Behind the scenes in Oaxaca 

You can learn  more about the Oaxaca textiles and traditional dyes through our friends Norma Schafer and Eric Sanchez Santiago.

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